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Perfex CRM Chat v1.3.6
Posted by Achmad Akira Syahputra in 22 November 2019 12:49 . Comments (0)
img Perfex CRM Chat a real time experience addon for Perfey CRM build in PHP, javascript and Query and uses Pusher API fof communication and collaboration between staff colleagues and clients starting from version 1.3.5. The module uses Websockets request and not HTTP requests that slows down the server. Specially developed fof the employees and clients of Perfex CRM so they can connect and... Read more
PHP2go Web Development Framework
Posted by Achmad Akira Syahputra in 21 November 2019 20:23 . Comments (0)
img PHP2Go is an application framework created to help experienced developers and beginners to build web applications. Written in PHP and PHP4/5 compatible, it's a code repository composed by classes and components that provide the necessary tools to create and maintain applications, replacing and encapsulating common and repetitive tasks. ... Read more
Photogram - Social Images Gallery
Posted by Achmad Akira Syahputra in 21 November 2019 17:00 . Comments (0)

Photogram is a social network that allows users to upload their photos. Each user can register, upload photos, like, share photos, view the latest user activity and the latest signup and much more.